Common Indicators For Forex

Indicators are an important tool in making a trade at Forex market. The following tools are merely an education that you can utilize a decision for trading in Forex.

1. Bollinger Bands

This is a kind of indicator that was used by traders to measure the volatility of a market. In simple words, Bollinger Band in an indicator that will tell you if the market is quiet or if the market is loud.

If the market is in quiet stage the bands will contract, on the other hand if the market is being loud the bands will expand.

You will notice that if the bands were close together in a chart it means that the prices are quiet but if the bands spread apart in the chart it means that the prices have moved upward.


Moving Average Convergence Divergence or MACD is a tool that is used by traders to determine the moving averages that are indicated in a new trend either it is bearish or bullish.

If you are using a MACD chart you will notice three number used in settings.

a. The first thing that you will notice is the number of periods in the chart that is used to compute the moving average in faster phase.

b. The second thing is the number of periods that is used in the chart that is to calculate the moving average in slower phase.

c. The third thing that you will notice is the number of bars on the chart that is used to compute for the moving average with the difference from the faster phase and the slower phase moving averages.

3. Parabolic SAR

The Parabolic SAR or Stop And Reversal can determine where the trend might end. Parabolic SAR is one tool that is very easy to use. This indicator will simply show you when are the prices going up or going down for that matter. The chart can signal you whether you are to buy or to sell.

This indicator is helpful only at market that are trending often and that has downturns and long rallies; however, you do not want to use this indicator when the market is being choppy, choppy means that the prices are moving sideways.

4. Stochastics

This is another kind of indicator that helps traders to determine where the trend might end. Stochastics is an indicator that measures oversold or overbought conditions in the Forex market.

You can use Stochastics in many ways; however, the basic role of Stochastics is to show traders where the market is oversold or overbought.

5. Relative Strength Index

This can also be called as the RSI; this has similarity with the Stochastics indicator. Both can determine the oversold and the overbought conditions of the Forex market.

RSI is one of the most popular tools for traders because this helps them confirm the trend formations.

Basically, we can just pick one indicator and move on however, this is applicable if the world is perfect enough for us to trade. But that is not the case, indicators also have imperfections and so we must avoid these imperfections as often as we can.

That is why a lot of traders combine all these indicators so that they can clearly see what they have to do with the help of these indicators.


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